Shower Tile and Minor Tile Repair

Why is my shower tile falling out?

There are several reasons that your shower tile is falling out- it usually comes from loose grout.  Often, grout comes loose because of how it was installed.  Water is added to grout powder to create the wet grout mixture applied to tile.  If too little or too much water was added to the mixture, more microscopic holes and cavities are created, making the grout more porous.  With each shower, water gets between and behind your tile, slowly deteriorating the foundation that holds it.  Then one day the dominos start to fall.

Carolina Grout Seal And Repair

While we are not tile setters, over the years we have gained much experience repairing what we consider to be minor tile problems.  In the event we cannot repair your tile, we work closely with several ceramic tile artisans who can either repair your tile or rebuild you something nicer!

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