Secrets To Having Tile Grout Restored and Sealed

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Sanded grout is a porous material and even under the best conditions will become soiled and stained. Our proprietary grout sealer will eliminate this problem by “color sealing” your grout. Carolina Grout Seal not only guarantees that you will have beautifully consistent colored grout but it will resist stains from food, drinks and dirt.

Our cleaning and color sealing process restores your soiled grout lines to a beautiful “like new” appearance. They can protect new and old installations alike. In the long run this process saves you time, money and effort of scrubbing your tile grout on your hands and knees.

So avoid expensive re-grouting. Let Carolina Grout Seal restore your grout lines to “like new” condition.

Understanding Grout Problems

Because grout is actually a type of cement, it is naturally porous. Whether it is sanded grout on your tile floor, or unsanded grout in your shower or bathroom, as grout ages, it gets dirty, discolored or stained. As the grout dampens and dries, it expands and contracts, locking in mold and mildew. Over the years, the buildup on your tile cannot be cleaned in a normal manner.

Our patented acrylic resin sealer is the solution to grout problems for homes, apartments and businesses. When applied wet, our sealant absorbs into the pores of grout, drying into a hard, non-porous surface. Our grout seal contains an antimicrobial and antifungal agent for added safety.

Caulk is another problem in the shower, as it attracts the same problem. As caulk loosens from a shower, it attracts and holds the same germs and dirt that grout does. Our grout restoration process includes removing all of the caulk, and replacing it with a grout-sealant mix that is as beautiful and as strong as the grout!


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