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What is Carolina Grout Seal's 5-Step Grout TransformationProcess?

1- Pre-treat the tile and grout

We pre-treat the tile and grout with our proprietary cleaner.  This starts to remove mold, mildew, germs and viruses while also loosening any dirt that has become embedded over time.

2- Scrub and Deep Clean Tile

We start with removing any loose or damaged grout and caulk with an abrasive scrubber.  We vacuum up all loose debris. Once the pre-treat has had time to work and debris is removed, we do a deep cleaning/sanitizing. This is the point that the “nasty” in your shower disappears.  Once this is complete, we allow the area to dry completely.

3- Replace missing grout/caulk (where needed)

If we removed any damaged or worn grout/caulk, we replace it so your tile is starting to look new.

4- Inject color pigmented or transparent grout seal.

Depending on your choice, we usually inject non-porous pigmented ColorSeal to match whatever color you have chosen.

If you have recently had the tile installed, or if you do not want color sealant, we also have a transparent grout seal that will not change the color or sheen of your grout.

5-Clean and polish tile and area

Once the sealant has set, we clean the tiled area and buff the finish back to a brand-new shine. No mess, no residue, just beautiful tile!

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