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5 Step Process to Rejuvenate Your Tile in LESS THAN ONE DAY!
1) Pre-treat grout to remove mold and mildew and loosen embedded dirt.
2) Scrub, vacuum and dry.
3) Replace missing grout where needed.
4) Inject non-porous ColorSeal pigmented grout sealant.
5) Clean and buff entire surface to ensure an even shine.

Does your shower tile look nasty no matter what you do?. That “black shower mold” that you can not remove is really embedded dirt. When unsealed grout gets wet, it expands, allowing dirt to penetrate the surface. The grout then dries and contracts (often over time), allowing the dirt to embed deeply in the grout. Carolina GroutSeal uses a process that cleans your grout, then we seal it with an acrylic resin which fills the pores in the grout preventing future dirt, discoloration and stains.

Understanding Grout Problems
Because grout is actually a type of cement it is naturally porous. Whether is is sanded grout on your tile floor, or unsanded grout in your shower or bathroom, as grout ages, it gets dirty, discolored or stained. As the grout dampens and dries, it expands and contracts, locking in mold and mildew as it dries. Over the years, the build up on your tile cannot be cleaned in a normal manner.

Our patented acrylic resin sealer is the solution to grout problems for homes and apartments and businesses. Applied when wet, our sealant absorbs into the pores of grout, drying into a hard, non-porous surface. Our grout seal contains an anti-microbrial and anti-fungus for added safety.

Caulk is another problem in the shower, as it attracts the same problem. As caulk loosens from a shower, it attracts and holds the same germs and dirt grout does. Our grout restoration process includes removing all of the caulk, and replacing with a grout-sealant mix that is as beautiful and as strong as the grout!