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Commercial and Institutional Services - Apartment Tile Grout Repairing, Sealing, and Restoration.

Apartment Complexes and property managers have found that Carolina Grout Seal can save them thousands of dollars annually with our grout sealing and maintenance.  We clean, seal and repair old grout for bathrooms, kitchens and flooring.  Some of the area’s finest apartment have grout that is maintained by Carolina Grout Seal.  For a list of some of our apartment references, click here.

Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
Carolina Grout Seal has extensive experience with hotels and motels throughout North Carolina. Our process helps housekeeping clean showers more quickly and thoroughly as well as pool decks and public areas. We help maintain the image of the lodging facility. Additionally, our process provides tremendous savings the hospitality industry annually.

Churches and Commercial Buildings
Our sealant provides a much stronger surface than unsealed grout, so it is an ideal application for high-use, high-traffic tiled areas. We seal lobbies, outdoor pool areas and facilities, classrooms, laboratories, church floors and more. If it has ceramic tile, we seal the grout. To see some of our references, click here.

Our grout seal process is an excellent solution for restaurant kitchens and restaurant floors. Our scrubbing process removes dirt, grease , oil and bacteria, and the result is a restaurant that gets cleaner and stays cleaner much longer. To see some of our references, click here.

Public/Commercial Restroom Tile Sealing and Restoration
Public restrooms add another dimension to our value. In addition to the cost savings, our sealant stops offensive odors that seem to live in public restrooms. Even the most well kept public restrooms can get nasty. Not only is the porous grout a breeding ground for germs, it also can get embedded with urine crystals that create a permanent stench. Our process rectifies this problem and the non-porous sealant can stay as clean as the tile. To see some of our references, click here.